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Leadership Resources

The management of a yacht club is much more complex than the management of most businesses.  The fact that the a yacht club’s members are both the owners and customers presents issues that require some unique management approaches. 

The Florida Commodores Association provides ongoing education to its members for the purpose of ensuring strong leadership within Florida yacht clubs.

The Leadership Resources Committee uses two platforms to educate and inform its members:

General Membership Meetings - each quarterly meeting of the membership includes an educational program related to improving the leadership of yacht clubs or enhancing the membership benefits of yacht club members.

Leadership Training Seminars - are an intensive learning experience sponsored by the Florida Commodores Association. The seminars provide everything a yacht club officer or director needs to know in order to perform effectively in the complex and demanding world of club life. 

The seminars are appropriate for incoming and serving yacht club officers and directors, but is open to all those interested in learning how to manage a yacht club.
Seminar modules are presented by Past Commodores and professionals in many areas.  This is an intensive program of how to manage and direct your yacht club today and plan for its future. 
Some of the major areas covered during the seminars are: finance, leadership, insurance, recruiting and maintaining membership levels, communication (both external and internal) and planning.