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Officers and Chairpersons

2017 - 2018 Officers
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Sam Foreman (Anna)
Pensacola Yacht Club
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Carole Lick (Don)
Vice Commodore
Platinum Point Yacht Club
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Jeff Brooks (Tampa)
Rear Commodore
Bay Point Yacht Club
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Stan Mitchell (Cris) 
Fleet Captain
Lake Beresford Yacht Club
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Bill Barnett (Cora)
Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club
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John Matthews (Nancy)
Pensacola Yacht Club
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Wayne Stewart (Eloise)
Immediate Past Commodore
Halifax River Yacht Club

P/C John Matthews
 Commodores Journal
 P/C John Slattery
Fleet Counsel
P/C Richard Neill
FCA Foundation
P/C Larry Kimmerling
Four-Star Commodores
P/C Kathy Champagne
A/M Lynne Reynolds
P/C Wayne Stewart
P/C Wayne Stewart
A/M Beverly Plummer

P/C Kathy Champagne
P/C John Slattery

Commodore - Sam Foreman

I was born  on Flag Day, 1952 in what was still the U.S. Canal Zone in Panama. My maternal grandfather was a Frenchman born in Panama when France was still trying to build a sea level canal. While educated in France he ended back in Latin America and worked for Standard Fruit and Steamship Company most of his adult life. I sailed on those vessels from the time I was two months old.  My earliest conscious memories are on board a ship.  

We moved  to Pensacola in 1958 where I lived until going to University of Florida graduating in 1974 with a BSBA. After a couple of jobs in retail, I then entered the financial industry where I worked for almost 33 years with three different Wall Street firms starting in Pensacola, then Dallas, Detroit, Jupiter, and finally back to Pensacola. While officially retired, I remain very active in my community. 

My earliest experiences with  the Pensacola Yacht Club (PYC) was in 1964 and was happy  to rejoin in 1999 when my last corporate move brought me back.  I was elected to serve on PYC's board  in 2005 as Secretary and ultimately moved up to Commodore in 2010.  I enjoy the camaraderie with the FCA Members and believe we have only begun to realize our potential in promoting all things yachting, education, and as a resource for yacht clubs.  I look forward to helping FCA reach its potential.

Vice Commodore - Carole Lick

Carole Lick is completing  her term  as Immediate  P/C of Platinum Point Yacht Club (PPYC) in Punta Gorda. She served on the  PPYC board for three years prior to taking on the flag officer roles. While serving in these positions Carole conducted  a fund-raising  project which raised $55,000 for PPYC renovations, initiated a Kids on the Water  Program and eventually  created the  PPYC Foundation, which took over this project.  She continues to serve on the  Foundation  board as its secretary. 

Carole also assisted  in establishing  a WAVE program with four other  yacht clubs in Charlotte  County.  As a member of FCA she is a member  of the FCA Foundation  board and serves as its Director of Fund-raising.  Carole led the  FCAF project in raising funds to help Florida Olympians and Paralympians to race in Rio.


Rear Commodore - Jeff Brooks


Fleet Captain - Stan Mitchell

Secretary — Bill Barnett


Treasurer—John H. Matthews

Originally from Laurel, Mississippi, John graduated from George S. Gardiner High School in Laurel in 1957 and went to Mississippi State University where he graduated in May 1961. He was a Distinguished Military Graduate in the Army ROTC program and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant, Regular Army. John was selected for promotion to Colonel and retired in 1983.

John earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics at Mississippi State University; his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology; and his Master of Business Administration from C. W. Post College, Long Island University.

John and his wife, the former Nancy J. Strooband of Moline, Illinois, have been married for 54 years and have three married children, seven grandchildren and two great grandsons. They have been living in Pensacola for fourteen years. John is a Past Commodore of the Pensacola Yacht Club (PYC), the Gulf Yachting Association, Treasurer and Past Commodore of the Florida Commodores Association and is currently Commodore, Navy Yacht Club Pensacola. 

He is a qualified Race Management Official and has been responsible for several Regional and National Regattas, including the US Optimist Dinghy Nationals, the Thistle Association National Championships, the US Sailing Single Handed Mens and Women’s Championships, the West Florida Ocean Racing Circuit, the Optimist Gulf Coast Championships, and the US Sailing Olympic Sailing Festival.