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Membership Categories and Applications

General Memberships are divided into two categories; Full Memberships and Associate Memberships. Membership in the Florida Commodores Association is by invitation only upon the recommendation of two Florida Commodores Association members. 

Full Membership

Available only to Past Commodores, current Commodores and Vice Commodores of recognized yacht clubs (member-owned.)  Full Membership is based on individual merit, and is extended only by the invitation of two current members of the Association.  A member is recognized by a distinctive patch worn on the lower right sleeve of his or her yacht club blazer.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is restricted to spouses of Full Members and current Rear Commodores and Fleet Captains of recognized yacht clubs (member-owned.)  Associate members wear a sleeve patch with one anchor.  They may attend Association meetings and events but cannot vote or hold office.

Honorary Membership
This category of membership is reserved for Chapters to recognize outstanding individuals that have made a significant contribution to the yachting community.  Honorary members may attend all FCA functions but have no voice or vote. In addition, honorary members pay no dues. Honorary Membership is for one year but may be extended by the approval of the FCA EXCOM.  


The Chapter is the basic unit of the Association.  A Chapter consists of five (5) or more members, from one or more recognized yacht clubs (member-owned.)  A Chapter may be chartered to a particular yacht club if all of the Chapter members are current members of that club, or it may be chartered to a geographic region.

To join the Florida Commodores Association, please select an application.  Applications can be filled out on your computer using Adobe Acrobat and then printed out for signature and mailing.